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Turning with a Vengeance: Windsor developers deliver engines with twice the power and half the weight of traditional designs

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Vengeance Power Inc., Windsor ON, has come up with a new engine design that promises to revolutionize low rpm, high torque engines

by leveraging the best attributes of steam turbines, internal combustion, and Wankel rotary designs. Says vice president Jessie Laba, “we have a product with a superior power-to-weight ratio. Because it greatly multiplies available torque, we can deliver more work than any other engine out there and use the least amount of pressure from combustion gasses, steam, compressed air, and even hydraulic fluid.”

New Brunswick inventor Charles C. Barnes patented the rotary vane pump more than 100 years ago. Since then, variations on his design have been used successfully in everything from hydraulic systems to superchargers. By modifying the vane pump’s simple design, Vengeance has created a “major contender for all other competing technologies for use in anything that requires spinning an output shaft.”

This isn’t just the next best lawnmower engine (although it could be). According to the company, the Vengeance Power Engine has twice the power, half the weight, at half the cost of equal displacement piston engines. It’s a switch hitter, and can be easily converted from air to hydraulics, compressor or pump, and will take most any power source and convert it into rotary motion. Gasoline, propane, hydrogen, alcohol – these are just a few of the fuels that will burn with a Vengeance. Steam, compressed air, and most any expanding gas will also drive the engine, turning previously impossible applications into feasible alternatives.

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