Horrendous Holes

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Nickel and cobalt-based superalloys may not be Kryptonite, but drilling holes in Hastelloy X, Inconel 625, Waspaloy and Haynes 25 is about as tough as it gets in the world of metal removal. With machinability ratings in the low teens, these nightmare materials test the patience of even the most cool-headed machinist. Unfortunately, modern aircraft […]

Diminutive Drills

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It’s a simple fact: if you’re a machinist, you make holes. Lots of them. Unfortunately, drilling is also one of the operations most likely to turn machinists prematurely grey. Poor chip evacuation, heat buildup and drill runout are just a few of the problems common to would-be holemakers. Drilling gets even more challenging when venturing […]

Jet Set

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Imagine a machine so versatile it cuts hardened tool steel on Monday, titanium bar stock on Thursday, and aluminum billet all weekend long. Abrasive waterjet does just that, slicing through many materials at speeds 10 times faster than wire EDM and 10 times more accurately than high definition plasma, and offering manufacturers an easy-to-use technology […]

The Biggest Constraint: A Ghostly Tale of Quality Management

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Ever since that big investment firm acquired us last year, Spacely’s Space Sprockets has been struggling. I can’t blame the investors. They provided an infusion of much needed cash, brought in a pair of high-tech, multi-axis machining centres, and agreed to replace our aging ERP system. At their request, we’d even brought in an efficiency […]

Beveling Success: Ontario manufacturer sees big benefits with new high-tech plasma machine

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There was nothing wrong with the old machine. In fact, it wasn’t even that old—Guelph, ON-based AWC Manufacturing Inc.’s first plasma burner, a Koike Mastergraph II, had been purchased just six years earlier. The problem was with the ‘horse collars’ AWC was making for Komatsu Mining. Since the Mastergraph only burns vertical I-cuts, the Ontario […]