Jet Set

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Imagine a machine so versatile it cuts hardened tool steel on Monday, titanium bar stock on Thursday, and aluminum billet all weekend long. Abrasive waterjet does just that, slicing through many materials at speeds 10 times faster than wire EDM and 10 times more accurately than high definition plasma, and offering manufacturers an easy-to-use technology […]

Plasma cutting: Building tall

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Look around: the Shaw Conference Centre Expansion, IKEA Edmonton, Cross Iron Mills, West Edmonton Mall Theatre Expansion. These are just a few of the structures throughout Edmonton and Calgary that wouldn’t exist without the help of Collins Industries Ltd. (CIL), an Edmonton-based structural steel fabrication firm. “We are involved and assist in the entire process […]

Ready to Roll: Three roll formers discuss changes in a demanding market

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Mechanically, roll forming hasn’t changed much over the years. What were once hand-cranked machines making simple architectural shapes have since evolved into high-speed monsters capable of ripping out over five miles per hour of complex and precision products. Despite this, the basic process remains the same: it’s still just a bunch of rollers bending metal. […]

Going Green: Scarborough company aims to be the first manufacturer off the grid

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Tired of your old office furniture? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, consumers discard several million tonnes each year of used chairs, desks, and cubicles. Jamie Ecclestone, partner and product manager for furniture manufacturer Calstone Inc., says this wasteful practice is bad for the environment, and bad for your wallet. In fact, the Calstone […]