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Back in the Saddle: Monster Mike Schultz

When US snowmobile racer “Monster” Mike Schultz lost his leg, he knew life would be different. What he didn’t know was how different. Schultz began his snocross career in 1998 when he was a junior in high school, a time when most of us are still learning to drive the family car. He quickly progressed to semi-pro, and by 2003 he was racing full-time on the pro circuit. “I worked my way up,” says Schultz. “Going into the 2008 season, I was in my prime, one of the top five guys in the world on a snowmobile. I was living my dream.” Schultz had a big break that year, signing on with Warnert Racing, a premier snocross team based in St Cloud, Minnesota. But during the second national round in Ironwood, Michigan, disaster struck. “It was the first qualifying race of the weekend,” explains Schultz. “I had a horrible start and was pushing hard for the transfer spot so I could make the finals. Coming down the hill, the sled got a little squirrelly and bucked me off. I’d crashed like that a hundred times before and walked away.”

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