Workholder modeling

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The goal of any machine shop should be reducing setup times close to zero—load the fixture, switch programs and push cycle start. Granted, this requires lots of organization and investment, but with quick-change fixtures and toolholders, tool management systems, and off-line presetters and simulations, huge decreases in setup time are achievable. This last part—offline simulation—is […]

Head in the cloud

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I love the cloud. My Word files and Excel spreadsheets are stored there, and my wife uploads cute pictures of the grandkids to the cloud. No more worries about backing up the computer or about what will happen to our life’s data should it burst into flames. Best of all, I can access all my […]

FEA Aids Deepwater Horizon Failure Forensics: DNV uses Abaqus finite element analysis to study blowout scenarios

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On the evening of April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon suffered a blowout while drilling in the Macondo Prospect, an area in the Gulf of Mexico 40 miles off the southeast coast of Louisiana. The platform caught fire; two days later, it sank. Numerous attempts were made to seal the well, but oil continued to spew […]

Software optional: Debating the need for CAM systems on Swiss-style machines.

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As CNC machine tools become increasingly complex, so does the job of programming them. CNC Swiss-style machines are no exception. With more tools than the Snap-On truck and tighter quarters than a World War II submarine, many shops view them as coding nightmares. Yet the bane of these machines—their complexity—is often a boon. With stations […]

Patented Pockets: CAM systems generate innovative toolpaths to quickly remove large amounts of material when endmilling

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Whether hogging out a prototype engine block for Chrysler’s next-generation K-car, or machining a mold cavity for the newest Barbie doll, staying competitive often equates to fast chipmaking. High-quality cutting tools and advanced CNC equipment help in this endeavor, but equally important is a machining strategy that best fits a shop’s processes. With unprecedented ease […]

Redlining: GibbsCAM makes toolpaths the easiest part of lights out machining at BC job shop

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Redline CNC, a precision machine shop in Surrey, BC, has a reputation in the Canadian manufacturing community for delivering quality parts, on time and at competitive prices. At least some of that success can be attributed to its CAM software. Founded in 1998, Redline was soon facing new sales opportunities, tight deliveries, and increased part […]

Trending Toward Productivity

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The U.S. economy appears to be on the mend. In January, the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation gave a tentative thumbs up to sustained business expansion through the first half of 2013. And the Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index rose again in January, painting an optimistic picture. Maybe it’s time to buy that […]

Making it Manufacturable: Design for Manufacturability

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Any veteran machinist has stories of laughable part designs. Parts with impossibly deep hole callouts, dead-sharp internal corners and grooves wider than the Grand Canyon. Design engineers love to dream up impossible-to-cut part geometries. It might sound harsh, but those engineers sometimes learn the hard way how not to design machined products. In his book “Design for […]