Fast Track – Alberta structural steel fabricator aims high with automation

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The Problem: Small shop, lack of skilled workers The Solution: Build an automated beam processing facility Fourteen years ago, Glenmore Fabricators Ltd. was a small job shop in southeast Calgary making handrails for buildings. Sales were around one million a year. By 2012, revenue was thirty times that amount, and the company was now a full-fledged fabricator […]

Avoiding the Hurt – Staying safe and sane on the shop floor

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Manufacturing can be hazardous. Stamping presses slam, cutting tools slice, machine tools and forklifts show no respect for human flesh. Yet the risk of smashed fingers or a few stitches at the emergency room is nothing compared to the dangers of stress, depression and the constant worry of life as a worker bee. Simply put, […]

Best Nest – Modern plate processing equipment, nesting software, improves shop efficiency

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Turning a profit as a fabricator means controlling waste. This is especially true on burn tables and plate processing equipment, where efficient part nesting can make the difference between a winner job and one you’d just as soon forget. Whether your plate remnants look like fine spider webs or chunky blocks of Swiss cheese depends […]

A Passion for Steel

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QUINTIN MIDDLETON grew up in the American South in the 1980s and ’90s. He remembers himself as a kid with a brick and a claw hammer, pounding whatever scrap metal he could find into crude blades and sharp instruments. “I just wanted to make swords like I’d seen in the movies,” he recalls. “That’s when […]

Plasma cutting: Building tall

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Look around: the Shaw Conference Centre Expansion, IKEA Edmonton, Cross Iron Mills, West Edmonton Mall Theatre Expansion. These are just a few of the structures throughout Edmonton and Calgary that wouldn’t exist without the help of Collins Industries Ltd. (CIL), an Edmonton-based structural steel fabrication firm. “We are involved and assist in the entire process […]

Don’t look in the mirror – When cutting thin materials, fiber lasers run circles around CO2

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CO2 lasers have long been the 800-pound gorilla in many fabricating shops. But manufacturers are beginning to ignore that hairy ape in favour of fiber lasers, which are often faster and cheaper to operate than their established cousins. One such shop is Edalica Metal Services Ltd., Mississauga, ON, which recently purchased a fiber laser cutting machine, […]