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Marking time

Three recent laser marking advancements have hit the market to improve operations There’s no shortage of ways to identify machined and fabricated metal components. Bag and tag. Adhesive labels. Electrochemical etching. Rubber stamps and an ink pad. For those with a steady hand and good penmanship, there’s always the trusty engraving pen or even a black Sharpie. The problem with each of these methods is that they are either not permanent or are time-consuming, or sometimes both. Imagine the ability to permanently mark part and serial numbers, logos, barcodes and artwork on practically any metal or plastic, and do so in seconds. It’s called a laser marker, and if your… Read More »Marking time

Building Bridges

Nova Scotia fabricator reduces processing time with integrated beveling capability The Problem: Additional business calls for higher production efficiencyThe Solution: An investment in five axis plasma cutting technology If your bridge needs fixing, give Cherubini Metal Works Ltd. a call. As a member of the Cherubini group of companies, this Dartmouth, NS, company is well-equipped to fabricate a new double-tee or deck slab, bathtub girder or three plate girders. With 18,000 sq m (200,000 sq ft) of production space, an assembly bay boasting 14 m (47 ft) under the hook, and 420 employees across the Cherubini Group as a whole, there’s little this company can’t handle. Cherubini doesn’t stop at bridges, however.… Read More »Building Bridges

Red Hot

BC fireplace maker turns up the heat with fiber laser technology The Problem: Rising energy costs in the face of increased customer demand call for a technology upgradeThe Solution: Fiber lasers cut costs and raise productivity Electricity is expensive on Vancouver Island. This was a large part of the reason why Pacific Energy Fireplace Products Ltd. had long steered clear of CO2 lasers, opting instead to stick with its tried and true CNC turret punches. Yet fabricators have been successful with lasers for over three decades. Compared to punching, laser cutters are faster to set up, and require far less maintenance. And in Pacific Energy’s case, cutting complex part profiles was becoming increasingly difficult with… Read More »Red Hot