Red Hot

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Electricity is expensive on Vancouver Island. This was a large part of the reason why Pacific Energy Fireplace Products Ltd. had long steered clear of CO2 lasers, opting instead to stick with its tried and true CNC turret punches. Yet fabricators have been successful with lasers for over three decades. Compared to punching, laser cutters […]

FEA Aids Deepwater Horizon Failure Forensics: DNV uses Abaqus finite element analysis to study blowout scenarios

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On the evening of April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon suffered a blowout while drilling in the Macondo Prospect, an area in the Gulf of Mexico 40 miles off the southeast coast of Louisiana. The platform caught fire; two days later, it sank. Numerous attempts were made to seal the well, but oil continued to spew […]

High Energy: Cutting tool manufacturers see huge demands from the energy sector

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The world needs energy. Those in pursuit of increasingly elusive fossil fuels must drill deeper and explore farther than ever before. Concern over global warming means wind farms are popping up like flowers in springtime. Hydroelectric and natural gas enjoy a renaissance as the cost of non-renewable energy sources continues to rise. George Nagle, global […]

River Trek: Quebec manufacturer turns the power of running water into clean, dependable energy

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Those concerned with global warming and greenhouse gasses embrace a vision in which fields of solar panels and forests of windmills supply our world’s energy needs. These are certainly sources of clean, renewable energy, but they’re not without high cost in terms of infrastructure and land use. Imad Hamad, CEO of RER Hydro Ltd. in […]

Turning with a Vengeance: Windsor developers deliver engines with twice the power and half the weight of traditional designs

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Vengeance Power Inc., Windsor ON, has come up with a new engine design that promises to revolutionize low rpm, high torque engines by leveraging the best attributes of steam turbines, internal combustion, and Wankel rotary designs. Says vice president Jessie Laba, “we have a product with a superior power-to-weight ratio. Because it greatly multiplies available […]

Going Green: Scarborough company aims to be the first manufacturer off the grid

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Tired of your old office furniture? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, consumers discard several million tonnes each year of used chairs, desks, and cubicles. Jamie Ecclestone, partner and product manager for furniture manufacturer Calstone Inc., says this wasteful practice is bad for the environment, and bad for your wallet. In fact, the Calstone […]